Deck-Sterity by Harry Lorayne


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A classic title from Lorayne, this slim-but-packed book is close-up magic at its best. Although titled Deck-Sterity, the book contains more than just card magic; inside you will also fine effects with dollar bills, coins, cigarettes and more. Harry’s breakthrough 10-Card Poker Deal alone is worth many times the price of the book. A must have for any true aficionado.


5 Forward
8 The ‘Kick’ Double-Lift
11 Double-Lift Gag
13 Double Put-Down
14 Double Trouble
15 Caught!
16 Spellbinder
20 Flip-Over Locator
23 Foursome
30 The Magic Step
35 New-Fangled Color Change
40 Outrageous Revelation
42 Outrageous Revelation #2
43 That Burns Me Up!
45 The Card Pyramid
55 Out Of This World Memory
58 Double Billemma
62 The Indicator
69 Oh, Those Aces!
72 Ten Card Poker Deal
83 Cointrol
86 The Royal Lovers
92 Faro Blockbuster
100 One-Eyed Jack Sandwich Sequal
103 Modernized Slop Shuffle
105 Mental Photography
111 1-2-3 Aces
117 About Faces
122 Favorite Aces & Kings
129 Stabbed in the Pack
133 Strip-Out Sleight
135 Vice Triumphant
138 Trampoline
140 Flying Aces
144 The Choice Is Yours
147 To Change A Card
149 Deal and Duck
154 Last Word

Publisher: Tannen’s
Pages: 160
Location: New York, USA
Dimensions: 6″x9″
Date: 1967
Binding: hardbound

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