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Del Ray Computer Card! An Authorized Version! Routine goes like this… A spectator shuffles and cuts a regular deck of cards. A card is freely selected. The performer gives the deck a shuffle and cut. The spectator is then asked to cut the deck into four piles. The computer deck is handed to the spectator who then places the deck on any pile. If nothing happens, the computer deck is placed on another pile. This continues until the deck comes to life. Lights flash, beeping sounds emanate from the deck and flashing random numbers appear. The sequence stops with a number. The computer deck is set aside and the spectator counts down to the specified number to reveal the selected card.

Del Ray’s routine is described in the book Del Ray – America’s Foremost, which is included as a bonus.

Features of the Del Ray Computer Deck: Modernized electronic design of circuit board with integrated circuit chips and micro surface mount electronic components. When the switch is turned on, the digital display briefly flashes the preset number as a visual reminder.

When unit is activated, the 18 second cycle audible and visual features include 4 bright red flashing LEDs, variable beeping sounds, double digital display flashes parallel rolling bars, and perpendicular rotating bars. Then, rapidly flashing random digits flash on the display panel, finally stopping on the preset number. The final displayed number corresponds to the selected card location in a pile and remains on until the deck is lifted off the pad.

The deck automatically resets for next performance when it is removed from the selected card pile. Items supplied with package. Full instructions with two routines and suggestions as well as technical information, are included in the six-page package. A DVD includes a performance with an audience, full instruction, on using the deck, and a brief history of the Del Ray computer deck.

The requirements are the ability to control a selected card to a preset number in a deck cards. This is usually between 4 and 9 cards from the bottom of the deck. An easy method is included in the instructions.

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