Deluxe Bill Tube (Viking/Brema)


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The performer borrows a dollar bill which is initialed by the spectator and the serial number is noted.

The bill is now folded, secured with a rubberband and placed within the folds of a hank, held by the spectator. Performer now displays a small brass tube with a threaded lid and brass bar running through it and a lock. This is given to the spectator to hold in his free hand.

The performer now snatches the hank from the spectator’s hand and the hank proves to be empty! The dollar bill has vanished! Spectator himself removes the locking bar and unscrews the lid to the brass tube which he has been holding throughout the routine. Inside he finds the MISSING, signed bill!

This is by far the most beautiful version of this effect. Highly polished brass, machined to perfection. Made by the people who know what true quality is all about. Don’t be mislead, all Bill Tubes are not alike; this is the Rolls Royce of Bill Tubes, guaranteed to exceed all others in quality, beauty and performance.

Comes complete with detailed instructions, Bill Tube, pin and brass lock.

Do not accept cheap imitations. Look for yhr engraved “VH” logo on all our brass items.


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