Deluxe Jumbo Half Dollar Shells 3 Plus 1 Set


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Perform many effects with this deluxe nesting set of jumbo half dollars. Don’t miss this opportunity to grab this set of 2.25-inch nesting jumbo half dollars. Imagine ending your Midas Coin Routine by producing a single jumbo half dollar followed by three more! After performing your standard Matrix Coin Trick, produce a jumbo coin then three more. Finally perform a reverse Matrix with the jumbo coins! The jumbo coins are great for a quick one, two, three, four — fast moving coin production.

The coins are high polished chrome coins that nest together offering you a multitude of possible tricks and effects.  Diameter approx. 2.25-inches. Thickness approx. 3/16.” Comes in a nice box set package. Well worth the price.

Important: Item does not come with the card shown in photo, used for illustration purposes only.  Also so does not come with any instructions or routines. 


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