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A Brilliant Marked Deck + Extras. Of all the “easy to read” decks out there, I think this is the best Marked deck around – you wouldn’t want to gamble with them, but for magicians they are perfect! Not only are the markings easy to read but you can also tell the card next to the chosen card too. This is made possible because Richard Osterlind’s beautiful Breakthrough Card System has been embedded into the deck too. And for grins they even employ the one-way deck principle.

Naturally all of these markings are subtle if you don’t know what you are looking for. I prefer this to the Boris Wild Deck, the Ultimate Marked Deck, and even the Ted Lesley deck.

Effect: With inspiration from both Ted Lesley’s “Working Performer’s Marked Deck” and Roy Johnson’s “S.U.M.” effort, our Demon Deck also supports Richard Osterlind’s brilliant Breakthrough Card System. This original back design, printed on high quality casino card stock, is a perfect ‘ringer’ when your card routine needs that something extra! The plain text markings are beautifully camouflaged in a familiar white-&-blue filigree,. indicating both the top card as well as the prior card in the stack. It’s a subtle one-way and peek deck, too!

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