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“Their favorite music artist is your ringtone!”

  • Buy Desert Island, receive it setup and ready to go on a free Android Phone (with your U.S. area code) with one-year service ($200 value). (U.S. customers only on this one).  Expires Aug. 15th, 2017!

Now you can really blow their minds! “50 different album covers representing decades of iconic music artists guaranteed to be instantly recognizable to all generations.”

You display a set of 50 different famous CD/Album covers, explaining that they are #1 albums from the past fifty years. Just about every type of music is represented from Rock (The Rolling Stones, AC/DC, Guns & Roses, Bruce Springsteen) to pop (Adele, Billy Joel, Maroon Five, Backstreet Boys) to country (Shania Twain, Carrie Underwood), and R&B / Hip-Hop (Beyoncé, Eminem).

Effect: Your spectator is asked to choose which album she would take with her if stranded on a desert island! Your back is turned while she makes her selection and sets it aside, hidden from sight. You comment that you suspected that the two of you share something in common, and point to your business card that has been sitting on the table, beside your cellphone, the entire time. You ask that she (or anyone else in the vicinity) calls the number on your business card using any phone. Your cellphone, which has been sitting on the table and has not been touched at any time, rings. The ringtone is immediately identifiable. It is Michael Jackson’s “Billie Jean.”

Desert Island

And not just the song Billie Jean, but the edited ringtone of the song, which repeats the song’s hook over and over. This is clearly not just the latest app grabbing the song from YouTube! She gasps and puts her hands to her mouth. The people standing around wait in expectation. You ask that she show the album that she selected as her favorite. It is Michael Jackson’s Thriller! You remind her that you had a feeling that the two of you shared something in common. Indeed, you too, are a huge Michael Jackson fan. So much so, that you have a keepsake that you carry with you every day. You ask that she pick up your phone and look at the display. Some people, you explain, have a photo of their kids or their dog set as their phone’s wallpaper. Not you. You have a reminder of the greatest night of your life. She is stunned as she realizes that your wallpaper is a photograph of your Michael Jackson concert ticket, complete with legitimate date, city, venue and tour information.

Welcome to Desert Island!
This is only one possible presentation of Desert Island. It can be used to demonstrate influence, coincidence, synchronicity, or even compatibility. And there is even a secondary, completely different effect built-in to the set of fifty music coasters/cards that will further demonstrate your ability to read people!

Desert Island uses a combination of leading-edge electronics (with special thanks to Cesaral Magic) to provide a participant experience that is truly personal, without the slightest inkling that technology is in play. The 50 different albums are recognized worldwide, legitimately spanning fifty years of music, from The Beatles, to Taylor Swift and all points in-between!

Now for the bullet points:

  • Desert Island is completely self-working!
  • You do not have to touch, adjust, or otherwise interact with your phone at any time during the presentation.
  • The system accesses all the necessary information from the selected card and automatically programs both your ringtone and wallpaper.
  • Can be performed one-on-one, or with two or more people at a time (using the secondary, non-electronic, effect in addition).
  • Works just as well for walk-around as stage. The choice of albums/artists cannot be altered. However, the specifics of the concert tickets may be changed to better match your own geography and history. For example, the default concert tickets will include a variety of venues from Vancouver to New York and London – all researched, legitimate, concert dates and tours for each artist.

However, it might make more sense for you to have concert tickets that better match your own life story. For example, if you have lived most of your life in Boston, it would make sense to have most of your tickets in Boston concert venues, with a few concerts in other cities, including the obvious major hubs like New York, Philadelphia, maybe even something exotic, but feasible, like a Rush concert in Montreal! But, as an example, you might not be comfortable with a Coldplay concert in London’s Wembley Stadium.

Desert Island - Eric Samuels

All of this can be changed, and we’ll provide you with the research tools to locate the exact date and venue for every artist’s entire touring history! And this is a task that you will only have to do once and you’re set for life. And if you would like us to do the customization work for you, we’re happy to do so! We offer a special custom package that will install the app, all the song files and customize the concert tickets (to the specific venues/dates that you provide), all for a one-time nominal added fee.  Contact Mark Stevens for details about this option.

IMPORTANT ADDITIONAL INFORMATION. Desert Island requires an active Android phone (telephone number is required as they do call your actual cell phone!) And, while you certainly can you use active phone for the effect, it is not recommended as it would destroy the impact to have someone coincidentally call you during your presentation and have the phone ring prematurely! That said, pay-as-you-go smartphones are available for under $50 almost everywhere, with monthly rates as low as $10. And because you never have to actually answer the phone, you will never be charged for airtime.
**Android phone must have a minimum of Android 4.4 operating system.

An iPhone version is not in the works.  

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