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Rock and Roll has it’s memorabilia! Magic has it TOO! Here is a chance to pick up three unique pieces of magic history from the longest running annual convention in Las Vegas. The Desert Magic Seminar among many features, was also known as the only magic convention to achieve the “family” appeal. Ask many that attended and they will agree it felt like a re-union more than a convention thanks to the personal touches.

This set contains the DMS 1984 complimentary card deck featuring some of the impressive talent that performed there. Also included is the DMS 12th Poster featuring other magic celebrities in attendance that year and finally the 15th anniversary Coffee Cup.

Desert Magic Seminar was a magic convention in Las Vegas starting in 1978 and organized by Joe Stevens of the Magic Emporium. It’s beginning started as The Wichita Conclave in Kansas in 1975 until over the years it grew too large for the town of Wichita. With the advice of Jay Marshall, the convention was moved to Las Vegas to become the Desert Magic Seminar. After twenty years, it merged with the World Magic Summit (which was held annually in Washington D.C.) to become the World Magic Seminar in 1999.

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