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Kleefeld Is At It Again! They Choose A State – You Read Their Mind!  Does NOT use the Verite Principle – New Methodology! 

The latest effect from some very creative minds.  Jim Kleefeld is synonymous  with incredible product.  His Cinema Verite series is one on of the top selling effects at Stevens Magic Emporium for a damn good reasons.  His latest, Desired State is a versatile, easy, baffling and inventive. He has an incredible mind for creativity as well as being able to keenly recogoinze powerful mental miracles.  Jim is considered one of the foremost authorities on mentalism applications as well as a life-long aficionado the art of magic.  For those that are familiar with Jim’s work, the mere mention of his name or endorsement provides all the assurances needed.  Jim is one of the few people in the art who’s conviction to strong principles, trumps putting out products that are not up to his standard solely for the sake of commerciality .

Desired States Effect: Hand out 50 vintage postcards of the United States. Have any number of spectators each select any one state and remember it. Let them check the front pictures, and read the list of states on the back. Now you blow their minds as you reveal that you know exactly which state each spectator has chosen.

  • No straight & curvey
  • No peeks
  • No forces
  • No stacks
  • No memorizing
  • No fishing
  • No anagrams
  • No cribs
  • No one-ahead
  • No writing
  • no impressions
  • no pads
  • no pateos
  • no confederates
  • no magnets
  • no wires
  • no threads
  • no gaffs,
  • no stooges
  • no nothing.

Although Desired State uses postcards, this is NOT Classic Film Verite, so you can use this on people who already know that secret and still fool them. Perfectly sized for parlor, strolling, table-hopping, or close-up. But clever enough to use in stage shows. Do the effect with one person or twenty.

Desired State includes 50 (one for each state) 4-inch by 6-inch custom designed postcards with a vintage look and style.  Much less than you would pay if you actually collected 50 similar state postcards from antique shops. Desired State uses a universal theme – travel and vacation destinations – that will captivate your audience. And, it is incredibly easy to do. Produced by Jim Kleefeld, from a concept by Jonathan Kanter. You get 50 U.S. state postcards and 1 terrific secret.

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