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From the late great Bill Pryor. A man who created fantastic effects for the art of magic comes this absolute killer. This is the ONLY effect, that I tell people it’s okay to repeat over and over and over and over. In my years of performing it no on person has been able to figure it out and it’s SO easy to perform. No memory work. The key is how you deliver the city! As often in magic, the effect is just a means to an end, but if you sell this one – you have a miracle in your pocket – Mark Stevens

Effect: A spectator is told to select a city from a group of 100. He is allowed a totally FREE choice. There are ten cities on each of ten cards. He merely points to the card which has his city on it. He then turns his card over, without seeing the card. He mixes the cards and lays them out on the white side. Once again he finds his city. When he points to the card with his city, you INSTANTLY know which city he selected.

Improved version allows you to perform it on BOTH sides of the cards! This effect is truly in their face powerful fun mentalism. It’s the perfect ice breaker. Easy to carry with you.

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