Destination Unknown – Updated


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This is TRUE undisputable FACT!  It could be considered a CRIME to sell this effect for only $12.50!  SERIOULSY – It’s too good!  It’s the closest thing to REAL mind reading we have ever seen!  A clever trick that has fooled many magicians as well as non-magicians, as a matter of fact no one has been ever figure it out without being told the secret!   I have performed this effect thousands of times! I love it because you can repeat it immediately and everything is examinable.   Now that they have updated the graphics – it’s PERFECT! 

10 laminated cards are displayed, each having 10 cities named.  A spectator mentally selects a city and turns that card over.  You immediately turn all the rest over.  You ask the spectator to find his city again, wherever it is listed on the back side and to simply point out that card.  When he tells you the card you instantly know the city!  Lots of fun to perform… and rather perplexing!

This is the new improved version with beautiful themed artwork.  You’ll be proud to take this out and perform!

From the late great Bill Pryor. A man who created fantastic effects for the art of magic comes this absolute killer. This is the ONLY effect, that I tell people it’s okay to repeat over and over and over and over. In my years of performing it no on person has been able to figure it out and it’s SO easy to perform. No memory work. The key is how you deliver the city! As often in magic, the effect is just a means to an end, but if you sell this one – you have a miracle in your pocketMark Stevens

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