Destination Unknown

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Carry it in your pocket and are ready to perform a mental miracle! Easy to perform.  Fun to do! They leave spectators baffled. Fits in your shirt pocket. Spectator picks any one of the objects listed on the multiple cards (and they have plenty of choices), and you—at once—know the selected spectator’s choice! IMPOSSIBLE! But credit goes to Bill Pryor for excellent thinking of this mind blowing effect. (Don’t try to figure it out!)

A spectator is told to select a City from a group of 100 different possible international destinations. They are allowed a totally FREE choice. There are ten different cities on each of ten cards. They merely point to the card which has their preferred city  (example Wichita, Taos, etc.) on it. They then turn over the card, without seeing the card, the performer mixes the cards and lays them out on the other side (which is colored differently).  The mentalist once again ask them to find their matching selected city (which is also listed only one time on the back of one of the cards), but when it is found NOT to point to the specific city, but only the card that it is featured on (along with 10 other different cities). When they point to the card with their city, you INSTANTLY know which city they selected.

  • Works Every Time.
  • Can be Repeated as much as you want.
  • Has Never Been Figured Out By Anyone We Have Shown It To At Stevens Magic.
  • It’s Very Easy To Perform.
  • No Memory
  • No Math

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