Device and Illusion


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Provenance is Stevens Magic, Only 1 Owner.
Author: Jim Steinmeyer
Publisher: Hahne Books
Publication Date: 1991
Book Size: 8 ¾ X 8 ¾
Pages: 134 pages
Edition: 1st Edition
Book Condition: Excellent-Appears un-read
Dust Jacket: None-as Issued

Classic work on the subject of magic & illusion by the legendary illusion designer Jim Steinmeyer.

Jim Steinmeyer’s first book on stage illusions, containing 9 surprising and deceptive illusions and 6 stand-up effects for magicians. Now a standard text on the subject, Device and Illusion has been acclaimed as a valuable and important collection of effects, and many of the illusions in the book have been featured by professional magicians.

Included are: The Lady in the Puzzle, a modern disappearance; a stretching illusion which can be built for less than $50; Neon, a penetration of a lady through a row of lit electrical bulbs. In each case, the emphasis is on presentation and practicality, with diagrams and dimensions so the effects can be constructed in workshops.

Illusions are fully described & plans are included to build them.

Illusions included are:

Houdini’s Rope
Artist’s Daydream
India Rubber
Through a One Inch Hole
Small Packages
Hot Air
Lady in the Puzzle

Also included are six other smaller magic routines

Two sided triangle
Knot unexpected
Black confetti
San Fernando Monte

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