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Devious Aspirations from Eric Samuels,  is an homage to two of the greatest presentational premises in all of Mentalism: Desire from Max Maven and Sneak Thief by Larry Becker.

Devious Aspirations is a kit for performing stage or parlour variations of the above-mentioned routines. It includes a set of five, cleverly marked, ultra-thin, dry-erase boards (9″ x 12″), as well as markers, a cleaning cloth, carrying case, and a 39-page booklet of advanced handling tips and over ten different presentations.

Here’s a sample of some of the presentation themes:

  • The Story of Your Life
  • Just Like Animals
  • Dream Job
  • Phobias / Fears
  • Porn star Name

A few initial reviews:

“A breakthrough in Mentalism thinking and performance. While you have to put some work in, it pays you back in spades. And it’s funny too! Don’t pass this up…better yet pass it up so I can have the exclusive joy.”Marc Salem

“Desire/Sneak Thief is one of the strongest mentalism effects you can perform with such ordinary objects. Eric has taken the time to put together a very nice kit with everything you need and routine ideas that are worth every penny. Love it!”Craig Filicetti

“When it comes to mind reading (and cooking), I have always found that the “classic” recipes are always the most delicious and satisfying. With his new “Devious Aspirations,” Eric Samuels has taken two of the most beloved and powerful classics and added many new thoughtful ingredients, to create a feast of a routines and extra ideas that improve greatly on the originals. The props & kit provided are simply perfect (and devious!), and this gets my highest recommendation. Outstanding!” Brett Barry

“I found myself nodding over and over again as I read through these routines because I could see how beautifully they would play. Your understanding of the many nuances that make presenting this effect stronger also kept me smiling. Devious Aspirations is a brilliant update to one of the most powerful and underrated effects in all of mentalism. Great thinking, Eric!” David Thiel

“This is wonderful stuff. The presentational touches, the staging to maximize impact, alone are worth the price.”Travis Winkler

“First class! It is so well thought out and put together. And what a pleasure to read an actual booklet that you have taken the time to write. I appreciate your efforts and professionalism so much.”Andy Schneider

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