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Double Face Coin - Voitko & Johnny Wong

DF Coin Synergy (Eisenhower) – Voitko & Oleg KRAM


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This is the SYNERGY edition, as it comes with TWO DVD’s (or equivilant of) and 10 additional value added components! The combination of Johnny Wong and Viktor Voitko and Oleg KRAM- is dangerous.  Here this effect using on of Johnny’s quality coins, is routined further by another master of the art – Viktor Voitko. This product comes with the coins as well as Ver. 2.0 DVD from Viktor Voitko which teaches his personal handling and routines.  Note: The the additional Voikto/KRAM DVD, may be provided to you via a link.  that comes with the product demonstrations, they are separately placed on the DVD.

Double Face Coin - Voitko & Johnny Wong

This is the ultimate upgrade from the original Coin thru Bill which I invented and published in 2005. No matter you are a professional, an amateur magician, or even a completely rookie to coin magic, you are going to love this Double Face Coin Thru Bill. While it is designed and crafted with great complexity, it is really easy to use in a performance. And It will create lots of amazing effects.

Here’s the demos and 10 routines we provide you in the DVD within.

  • Coin Thru Bill
  • Unique 2 Fly
  • 3 Coins Travel
  • 3 Fly
  • 3 Coins Illusion Routine
  • 4 Coins Fly into Audience’s hand
  • Half Dollar & Chinese Coin Illusion
  • Appear 2 Chinese Coins & Disappear
  • 3 kinds of Coin Change
  • Power 4 Coins Miracle

Every routine is also made more powerful and easier through the use of these precisely made US half dollar Coins. Idea by Johnny Wong.

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