Diamond Cut Mirror Goblet


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The Mirror Glass has been a magic staple for centuries – and for good reason, its uses are limited only to one’s imagination.

When Joe first ordered these, I must admit I was skeptical at first but WOW, those concerns were put to rest after I personally examined this item. My initial concerns was that since it was made from acrylic it may appear less then realistic.  But brother magi’s worldwide — I have seen this with my own eyes and I come down the mountain to say to you —  do not let this deter you. When you open up the box you too will become a believer. No one will know except you that it is not a high quality crystal goblet you are holding.

The Goblet is crafted from a strong virtually indestructible acrylic. The mirror divider is purposefully located below the top edge of the glass, to aide in diminishing the possibility of “flashing” during your performance. Both compartments are waterproof! The Goblet dims out at: 7″ with a 3.5″ mouth, so it looks great and has ample room to handle either liquid or a 36″ carefully folded silk.

The instructions are refreshingly detailed with all the information you would want as well as bonus value added tips and routines working with both Slush powder and non-slush powder applications. Additional kudos as it provides important care instructions, safety and maintenance tips. Simply stated you can’t go wrong. We highly suggest you click on the “larger image” option on the photo so you can see how exceptionally realistic it really looks!  This is a winner.

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