Die Box – Mel Babcock – Walnut with inlay black lids and Apricot Wood panels


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Product Description

From the Magic House of Babcock, where some of the most beautiful magic is made, from one of the most humble and approachable craftsman in the art.  This is a very unique box featuring a beautiful black rectangular inlay design and lighter colored Apricot wood tops that provides aesthetic contrast.  A piece you will be proud to own – we have no doubt.

EFFECT: A die vanishes from a two-compartment box and reappears in a previously shown empty hat or other container. The die boxes are made in three sizes (A, B and C), and the interiors of each are lined with a thin, soft, velveteen material. They have a fake flap on both front doors which are magnetically controlled. The die boxes have a sliding weight for the standard sucker effect.

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