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Absolutely one of the best selling magic tricks in the world of magic – for good reason was dicipher. Now there is Di-Cipher II. In fact tricks don’t usually sell to the same customer again and again – but Die Cipher, the Invisible Deck and Scotch and Soda, are the top effects we get repeat orders for from the same customers over the years.  Think about that – these are people that make repeat purchases of the same effect – that means something…

Effect: A brass canister, lid and die are examined. As you look away, a spectator puts the die in the canister, remembers the number on top and covers with the lid. You turn around, concentrate, then write a number on a piece of paper. The lid is lifted, revealing the number on the die…it matches your answer! No questions. No fishing. This clever device gives you all the information.

Thanks to Chuck Leach’s improvement in the design, you no longer need to turn the box over to discern the number. Don’t confuse Die-Cipher II with the various versions of Mental Die. This is much better!

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1 review for Die Cipher II

  1. FlashBangDelta1 (verified owner)

    Outstanding high quality, precision crafted item. Works like a charm. Easy to master and perform, and built to last forever. I performed it for my kids, who are also young magicians. They inspected the heck out of it, looking for the secret, but couldn’t figure it out. We all love this little trick. Great product and excellent value. Thanks for another great trick Joe, Mark and Marcia.

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