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The photo does NOT reflect the correct size. The tunnel is 10″ Long.  The Die is approx. 1″.  The apparatus is a lot bigger than it appears in the image.

This effect dates back at least as early as 1968 in the USA by Tannen’s. The method is similar to Alan Warner’s effect Dice-A-Matic, but in this version you cannot show the bottom of the tube. Mel also created a mini version, a Giant (4″ die) version and a Small (2 1/4″ die) version.

Effect: This is a very deceptive effect that is always ready. A wood tube is displayed, squared up, and shown to be empty. You also show a large 3″ die which can be examined. The die is now slowly pushed into the tube and when it emerges from the other side, the number that was on top has changed. There are holes drilled into the ends of the tube so you can see the number change clearly. It works cleanly with nothing added or taken away every time.

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Condition: GOOD – Image is of the genuine article being offered.

Note: Ad Copy and/or imges used with permission from Andy Martinwww.martinsmagic.com

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