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Stevens Magic Assurance – these are the BEST quality version of this effect on the market!  Finally available again… I have watched for years when my father perform, how he kills with this effect!  Unquestionably, having seen it hundreds of times, the audience reaction is always strong! 

DELUXE DIMINISHING CARDS: After performing a series of card effects, the performer begins to shrink a fan of cards. Just a light squeezing motion, and voila! Cards have diminished by 25%! This is repeated four times until the performer is holding a small fan of cards 1/4″ in size! Finally, the cards vanish completely! Viking’s Diminishing Cards are professionally used the world over. They are made to exacting standards and will give you years of service. Each set is hand-sewn, and hand assembled for the perfect fan; easy to operate. Complete instructions included. Mechanical, no difficult sleights. Recommended by Jeff Sheridan, Card manipulator, as well as professionals the world over. Our cards are die cut for precision; each fan is a real fan of cards, not cut-down version of poker cards.


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