Dining Out! The Menu Trick by David Garrard and Jim Steinmeyer


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David Garrard and Jim Steinmeyer present Dining Out! The Menu Trick Magician correctly predicts the exact total of a five-course meal freely ordered from a menu containing multiple entrees with multiple prices! This effect is a full routine capable of maintaining the audience’s attention for the duration. It also has spectator involvement. Good effects incorporate many facets that make them synergistic in their presentation and impact. This is one effect that does exactly that. Even better, it’s very easy to transport, or to borrow the famous phrase packs light plays big. But there is more, this effect is easy to perform, which allows you the opportunity to focus 100% on presentation and making a big impact.

  • Easy to do!
  • Includes Spectator Involvement.
  • Packs Light – Plays Big.
  • Can easily be an 8 minute routine.
  • Packs an incredible finale.

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