Doc Nixon Checker Cabinet – Paul Lembo

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Unit is Offered “AS IS.” Full Disclosure.  This pieces requires some work.  From what we can tell upon examination two modifications/repairs are needed.  One being the Lever Rod used to move the internal cabin needs to either be welded back on, or another mechanism needs to be applied.  We suggest consideration of another mechanism such that it would tolerate the weight of the cabinet better to aide in sliding.  The 2nd issue, is the small pin, which is still included and stored in a plastic bag on the outside of the checkers, needs to be arc welded (or by other means) into the base of the checker cabinet, where there is already a hole for it.   Other than these issues the unit is in good condition.  Please NOTE: ADDITIONAL SHIPPING will be required.  This is a BIG piece and as such, our table rates will not be adequate.

This checker cabinet is a replica of the original “Doc” Nixon Checker Cabinet built from original plans and manuscripts dated 1920.  This is an exciting effect where the checkers change places with the tall fish bowl.

Item Name: William “Doc” Nixon Replica Checker Cabinet

Comes with “Extra” Glass.

Condition: NEEDS WORK!  Our assessment has found TWO issues that need to be addressed, as stated above.  Item has been performed with, as it’s a unit made for this purpose not a collectible.  The condition of the cabinet and other parts is in good condition.  Just the lever for the cabinet as well as the pin that goes into the base of the shell stack need attention.

This unit is great for performing because it’s designed to be used and be performed with.  Ease of use – this has it!  IT’S BUILD TO BE AN EFFICIENT AND EASY TRANSFORMATION.  Very well constructed in regards to fluid performing and ease of use.  No Checkers falling everywhere.  Efficient subtrfuege and transfer, and maximum efficently.  Can be performed with minimal amount of subtreguge and sleight of hand, etc.  Almost no skill required yet the effect is powerful.   This is a great “performer’s piece!”

  • Transports Easily
  • No Black-Art
  • Sold “As Is”  with full disclosure.



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