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We raided the Stevens Magic Time Capsule room otherwise known as: “The Crypt.”  We pulled out some effects from Theo Timmerman – the talented closed-up performer, creator and dealer from Holland and his Timmerman Magic Productions.  These are quite scarce and in fact few people were aware of this outfit.  The products are dated but in original condition.  They all are geared towards close-up and/or micro-magic which is a bit interesting being what was in style at this time were larger pieces of apparatus.

A Comedy Prediction. Effect: The performer places 1 domino to the side and says that this is his prediction. The spectator freely chooses out of the 5 Dominos placed in front of him which one he would like. After the chosen domino is selected the Performer shows his prediction, the spectator doesn’t believe him due to his thumb covering one of the dots on the domino but when he removes his thumb he is actually correct!

Comes with printed instructions.

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