Don Wand Magical Pen Holder


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C’mon How Can You Not Get This Item? It’s the perfect ice-breaker! Consider it that table for your sharpie. A prop for your miniature close-up stage! 

Are you kidding me?  Hello?  Have you ever found a better product that will add laughter and amusement for any effect that requires a Sharpie of pen (such as a signed card)? Talk about a show off! This little guy will hold a marker, pencil or even a vape pen in a most remarkable manner. The pen seems to defy gravity but there’s no strings, wires or trickery involved… he’s just gifted. Our friend in magic Steve Fearson turned us on to this little guy and like most things Fearson – they grabbed our attention. When it comes to magic, we are not the only ones that are fans or Steve Fearson. His revolutionary visions for levitations and creatives have caught the eyes of the industry’s best and brightest.

This little guy will hold a marker, pencil or even a vape pen in a most remarkable manner. The pen or similar object seems to defy gravity but there’s no strings attached – NOT even from the master thread man Steve Fearson! That’s right no strings, no wires or trickery involved – one could say he’s just gifted and YES that’s a “double entendre!”  This little guy even comes with a video demo – he’s got the COMPLETE package – uh oh there we go again!

The times have passed huh Steve? Yet as of this writing – we remain even Joe who comes in the office every day and I had the pleasure of watching him laugh when he called me into his office to say, “look what we just got in stock from Steve Fearson’s (in addition to his restock we needed)  – this thing called – Don Wand!”  I didn’t have the heart to tell him – “yea, dad, I was was the one that ordered it from him!”  He was having too much fun with it.

Keep moving forward Steve! From all of us at Stevens Magic Emporium

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