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You love Classics, hate plastic props and dress nicely for gigs? Don’t worry… Brian Watson has you covered!

Dotty Spots Deluxe Handmade in Fine English Pewter With Swarovski Crystals and Handmade Genuine Leather Wallet. When people asks us at Stevens Magic why we are so excited about Brain Watson’s products, we know right way they have not had the pleasure of seeing them first-hand. Brian embodies discipline and ethics from the past, and merges them with artistic contemporary designs primarily focused on looking back to bring forward – classic effects. The result are product that both deliver and that you will be proud to own. In these days of VOLUME versus quality – its refreshing to have Brian Watson that still provides Quality in limited production.  When you own a piece of magic from Brian Watson, trust us – you really do have something special… But we’re not the only one singing his praises, see below for two 5-Star recent reviews of this very item.

You love Classics, hate plastic props and dress nicely for gigs? Don’t worry… Brian Watson has you covered!

  • A Classic redefined!
  • Each measures 2 3/4″ long.
  • So smooth and elegant.
  • Strikingly visual in design these really are eye magnets.
  • No more embarrassing moments when you’re all “suited up” and bring out some shoddy looking plastic paddles!
  • Handcrafted from fine English pewter, featuring Swarocski crystals and a handmade leather wallet.
  • These beautiful paddles look the business and will look as good as you do!

Note:  This item does not come with instructions.


“I wasn’t to sure what i was getting when i ordered these paddles but WOW beautifully made, solid , stylish , perfect size for the paddle move.. A great product obviously made by a magician.. Bonus… they come in a great little wallet. Thanks Brain.” – Clive Verified Owner – Nov. 21st, 2018

“Couldn’t be more happier with these, they are beautifully made and look amazing. This takes a classic effect and turns it from a joke shop toy to professional status, if you are serious about your props, these should be on your wish list! Excellent service Brian, many thanks. “Tony Dawson Verified Owner – Nov. 24th, 2018

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2 reviews for Dotty Spots Deluxe – Brian Watson

  1. SBS

    I LOVE the pewter paddles! I can take them anywhere. They feel fantastic and it’s all second nature. Very nice tactile handling and quality. Thanks!

  2. mr.m.kaufman (verified owner)

    I had to give the handles just a slight “roughing” so the pewter finish didn’t slip during the move. But that’s really minor. Great paddles!

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