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Bill Trotter Magic

This effect originally called Bloxo, was invented by John Rice and sold by Harry Stanley c. 1950. Eddy Taytelbaum created an exquisite version which many of the modern day versions emulate because they use a rod instead of a ribbon to secure the blocks.

Effect: Six different colored blocks, each with a small hole through the center, are shown along with a wooden chest. A spectator selects two of the blocks and all the blocks are placed in the box. The lid is closed and each block can be seen through six holes in the lid. A knitting needle is now pushed through the small holes on each end of the chest and through each of the six blocks. When the lid is then reopened and the chest turned over, the colored blocks selected by the spectator fall out. The other four blocks remain inside the chest, impaled by the needle.

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Condition: GOOD – Image is of the genuine article being offered.

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