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THIS ITEM DOES NOT INCLUDE SHIPPING AND HANDLING! Stevens Magic is proud to once again provide these exceptionally high quality illusions to our esteemed clientele made for us by Rich Hill Illusions. Bring your show into the future with these jaw dropping illusions. Whether you are starting your first big illusion show or have been performing one for years and understand the importance of re-investing in new and contemporary illusions to maintain your market share—you can’t go wrong. Let’s face it, the introduction of the highlighted magician/performer, at the beginning of the show is just as important as making sure the show finishes strong too. We feel there is no better way to create the atmosphere of excitement and peak the emotions of your audience than making sure your introduction is stronger than just an MC’s standard intro! The curtains open on a very cool, modern doorway. Lights shine through the opening, dancers dance in and around it, and they revolve the doorway, showing there is nothing concealed. Suddenly, a bright flash and a burst of smoke you and your assistant magically appear to start the show! This is beautiful magic at its finest. The equipment is richly finished in durable laminate and polished aluminum. Built tough for the working pro! The flashpots are 24-inch trough-style flashpots to create a wall of smoke and a very bright flash. There are two flashpots—one on the front, one on the back, in case you would like to do this surrounded! Flashpots are under the Magician’s control and work on 9-volt battery. Your Double Flash Appearance is built custom for you. Please allow up to 4-6 weeks for delivery. Should you need specifics and questions please contact Mark Stevens on any of these illusions at [email protected], or call the office in case Mark is on the road. If wanting the Customer ATA Case ($1,100 plus shipping) please mention in the “Comment” section of the order form.

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