Double Sided Card Routine (Turner)(DVD)


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By adding another spectator and a few more moves, Richard Turner elevates the Signed Card Routine to new heights. Imagine an effect where two spectator’s autographed cards, one from a blue deck and one from a red deck disappear, only to have both cards appear and reappear over and over again. The amazement of the audience escalates with each appearance of a signed card; from the performer’s hat, under a mat, from a spectator’s hat, a wallet, torn and restored, and from a sealed deck of cards. Titillating as it may already seem the grand finale explodes when the sealed deck is opened to expose the spectator’s signed cards — and it is the same card!!


Richard Turner’s startling Double-Signed Card Routine is for the true sleight of hand artist. It can be incorporated into your existing show or utilized as part of a standup act or a close-up routine.


In addition to the double signed card routine, Turner reveals his long held secret — Turner’s Key Card. With Turner’s Key Card, you will be taught how to locate a selected card, by touch only, after a spectator has shuffled it into the deck.


Also Included are recently found photos, letter, and quotes from Dai Vernon, Ed Marlo, Charlie Miller, Michael Skinner, Fred Robinson, Larry Jennings, and a 1987 interview with Dai Vernon.


Additional Moves Taught by Richard on this DVD include:


    Turner’s Two Finger Bottom Deal Force

    Turner’s Invisible Bottom Palm

    Turner’s One hand Bottom Deal Force

    Turner’s Two Card Display into Gambler’s Palm or Full Palm

    Turner’s Diagonal Palm Shift to Full Palm or Gambler’s Palm

    Turner’s Two Card Spin Around Side Steal, Card to the Wallet

    Turner’s Gambler’s Cop and Hand Wash to Wallet

    Turner’s Signed Card to a Sealed Deck

    Turner’s Key Card Twist-out

    Turner’s Top Palm and Second From Top Palm

    Turner’s Simultaneous Top and Bottom Palm


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