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HOW IN THE WORLD DID YOU DO THAT?  You’ll hear this and more when you master the double lift – the most vital move in card magic.

Gregory Wilson’s Double Take puts the world’s greatest double lifts at your fingertips…even if you’re all thumbs. This step-by-step instructional DVD is packed with more than 90 minutes of dynamic material you can perform anytime, anywhere, with any deck.

For nearly two decades Gregory has been teaching his unique style of magic, as well as performing for many Fortune 500 companies. And as your personal coach, Gregory will teach you the nuances of more than 25 different double lifts ~ choose your favorites: from the top of the deck, from the bottom, from the middle, from a fan, from the table, to the table, and even doubles that flip through the air from hand-to-hand!

If you’re a beginner, or have never even picked up a deck of cards, you can easily perform miracles in minutes with Greg’s Quick Start-Up Section. The more advanced will enjoy studying the techniques of the masters, including Dai Vernon, Ed Mario, Martin Nash and many others.

Included are seven powerful routines:

PHOENIX ACES – Produce the four aces from mid-air…really!

WEIGHTED ACES – A variation of the legendary Doc Daley’s Last Trick.

TWO WRONGS DO MAKE A RIGHT – A visual stunner that looks like trick cards.

FOUR CARD TRICK -Darwin Ortiz’s Jumping Gemini, with an added killer climax.

Plus – three more stunners, and a live performance of Greg’s own personal Ambitious Card Routine. Master card magic’s most often used move is the double lift. Consider this DVD a historical artifact of sorts, as it was Gregory Wilson’s debut to the world. It’s 2 hours of action-packed, non-stop Wilson wiggle!


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