Doves 101 (DVD)


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NOW AVAILABLE ON DVD! Everything you need to know about doves is found here from Andy Amyx. This video contains the following: Dove Care, Dove Training, Sleeve Toss Techniques (Ball To Dove, Dove From Cards, Gloves To Dove), Invisible Harness Techniques (Fire to Dove, Balloon to Dove, Dove & Cane, Dove Split), Dove Bag Techniques (Dove from Silk, 3 Different methods of body steals) and Tail Techniques (Tail Steal, Dove Vanish). Running time on this video is 45 minutes. “A superior video for the beginner or seasoned professional.” –Lance Burton “Anyone interested in learning the all-important fundamentals of dove magic will benefit from this tape. Each move—as well as the reason behind each move—is explained clearly and logically. I highly recommend it.” –Dale Salwak; Chavez College of Magic. No longer available on VHS!

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