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Two of the most respected names in the art of magic – Paul Romhany (NZ & Canada) and Mark Parker (UK & Hong Khong) culminated in producing this exceptional utility tool.  When it comes to design whether it be illusions or in this case these precision DP Envelopes – Mark Parker is the man you want executing it. Paul also was close confidants with the late Wayne Rogers (NZ) – himself an expert at envelopes and another individual that subscribed to verifying and honoring creative thought in the art of magic and mentalism.

The original DP envelope was developed as part of Paul Romhany’s Dream Prediction routine 15 years ago. Since then, Paul has created various envelopes and, two years ago, he released DREAM PREDICTION ELITE. His bestselling Dream Prediction was designed for walk-about performers. Part of that routine uses the DP Envelope.

Paul Romhany

Created by Paul Romhany and Mark Parker

The original envelope was completely re-designed by Paul and illusion designer, Mark Parker. It now allows for a variety of possibilities that no other envelope has done in the past. It has made switching and loading of objects VERY EASY.

We at Stevens Magic can attest to the quality and precision of this product. This is a bargain considering the power of the utility, not to mention the meticulous attention to detail. 

1) SWITCH – you can switch playing cards, predictions, billets, coins, bills, etc. Show the window envelope with a playing card inside. Have a card chosen and signed, and it ends up INSIDE the envelope.

2) SWITCHING OPTIONS – due to its unique design, you can either pull OUT the prediction OR let it fall out – and the switch happens automatically.

3) FLAP – this is one of the most important parts of the DP Envelope. The item seen coming out ACTUALLY COMES OUT of the envelope — not from underneath as in other switching envelopes! The DP ENVELOPE has been designed with the FLAP on the other side, allowing for the object to be seen coming from inside the envelope.

4) LOADING – easy method allowing you to load anything from playing cards to predictions INSIDE the envelope and you are then hands free.

Comes with:

  • Packet of 10 envelopes.
  • Tutorial of various ideas on how to load, switch and use the DP SWITCHING ENVELOPE by Paul Romhany.

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