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・Pour milk into a paper cone, and the milk changes into a snowstorm.
・Pour the milk into a paper cone and the milk vanishes.
・Borrow a hat from the audience, pour milk into the hat.
・Pour the milk into Styrofoam cup, then the milk vanishes.

1) Appears to be a milk pitcher, nothing suspicious. It is 100% transparent.
2) No suspicious movements required. Just pour naturally.
3) New system allows easy preparation. (After performance, all parts can be washed.)
4) Made of acrylic to last forever.
5) You can actually pour out some milk to drink.
6) Illusion of disappearing milk perfectly matches speed (angle) of pouring.
7) Not much milk is required. Keeps pitcher light and easy to handle.
8) Real, drinkable liquids can be used.

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