Dr. Jak’s Prediction Impossible (Gaynor)


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Wonderful for parlor or intimate settings. A combination of classic mental effects. Easy to do. Strong Mentalism! This piece is modernized with dry erase feature, coupled with oak accents by Louie Gaynor. Embellishments by Ted Lesley.

If you want to perform a “real” mind blowing effect! This is it (read the miracle below carefully!).

EFFECT: A spectator places a regular size deck of cards in their pocket for a prediction. The performer then gives the spectator a JUMBO deck to shuffle & mix. He is then instructed to turn the deck face down and remove any FIVE cards, without looking at their faces, and place them on the stand, backs toward the audience. The performer takes a piece of chalk and draws a dot in the middle of the board above the cards and asks the spectator to draw a line from the dot to any one of the FIVE cards. The performer then takes the small deck from the spectator and reveals ONE card reversed in the pack. Then proceeds to turn over the chalk selected JUMBO card and Viola, both cards MATCH! The remaining JUMBO cards are then shown all to be different!

Editors note; “I am so impressed with this fabulous mental gem, that I highly recommend it and this is not hyperbole to make a sale”-Joe Stevens

Comes complete with all you need. Foldable dry erase board stand, dry erase marker, cards, routine.

Dr. Jak’s stood alone for his mental effects.



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