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Easy And Outrageous Marketing Techniques

Joe Vitale is a best-selling American author who focuses on self-help and empowerment. He is a true “out-of-the-box” thinker! He has tremendous experience with the psychology of sales and marketing and he shares many of his treasures with Dave Womach in this informative session originally featured on the 2016 Magic Master Summit program.

Joe Vitale - Dave Womach

If you can imagine a session with both Joe and David Womach!  So much of being a successful performer is the belief in one’s self.  A common and recurring quality in successful performers and business people was the sincere belief in themselves that they could make their dreams a reality.  Many freely admit that if they didn’t frequently tune into strong and positive themed sessions – repeatedly – they wouldn’t of achieved the successes they did.  This is really an indisputable fact…  Often times the one thing that separates a successful outcome from a non-successful outcome was the successful outcome had the discipline and faith that feeding their head with positive encouragement helped them push way beyond boundaries they would of otherwise never passed… And we are not talking about just one or two, but often 15 or 20.  Perseverance – discipline – single focus – these are just a few important tools needed to cultivating your success.   Join Joe and David on this journey.  You can learn a lot in a short amount of time about how to power up your magic career and when you think about it – you can do so at an incredible price.

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