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The ultimate in immediate two-way communication! This powerful transmitter/receiver unit is the finest we’ve seen so far. It’s genius lies in the imperceptible, tiny ear-plug radio receiver. So, it’s now possible to achieve lightning fast results as a two-person mentalism act. Information is immediately transmitted to the receiver (medium) without being detected by spectators, no matter how close they stand. Audio is heard only by the performer. The world of mentalism awaits. Excellent for instant book tests, talking tea kettles, cold readings, spirit effects, ESP effects and psychic acts. Information is conveyed only by audio. No shocks, lights or other impulse devices are sued. Outdoor range up to 200 feet. Unit carries six-month guarantee. Used extensively by gambling professionals. The makers’ name is anonymous by request. Created for sophisticated performers who know the power of mentalism. If you ever wanted to do a two-person act, now is the time, thanks to this unit! NOTE: The earpiece featured in this photo is the deluxe ultra mini adn is NOT included in the basic system. It is available for an additional $500 if prefered, but it must be purchased in addition to the basic system (not in stead of). The basic system does include an ear piece that is small, but not nearly as small as the deluxe ultra mini.

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