Dracula Bank by Tenyo – Nelson Estate


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This Item was Released in 1993 making a very rare find.

Dracula Bank is a coin bank that can also be used as a magic trick.

Europe has abounded with tales of Vampires from long ago but the legendary tale of Count Dracula is the most puzzling and fearsome among them now.

The Dracula mystery is embodied in this money box.

An invisible Dracula dwells within this Money Box! Legend has it that no mirror reflects the image of Dracula. But pull up the strip at the top of the box and he will be revealed to you. Place a coin in Dracula’s hands and watch both Dracula and the coin disappear from sight as you push the strip into the box.

Dracula takes the money with him! The vanish is extremely visual. The box appear to be empty, and yet secretly contains so much. Can you solve this Dracula mystery?

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