Dragon Thread (Wong) (DVD)


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Mike Wongís THE ULTIMATE BROKEN AND RESTORED THREAD! As you read, remember this:  Your hands are shown completely empty, fingers wide apart, before, during and after this effect.  There is no lapping, no palming and no get-ready.  

Remove a 15-inch length of thread, tear it into several small pieces and place them on a spectatorís palm.  Now gather the broken pieces, roll them into a ball, and proceed to unravel the fully restored thread!  Read that again.  It sounds impossible.  It looks impossible.  It is impossible.  But you do it and repeat it immediately – anytime, anywhere, under any conditions.  

Mike Wongís Dragon Thread is a professionally shot DVD, complete with over the shoulder explanations.  Also included is enough Dragon Thread for hundreds of performances.  Forget the old way of performing Gypsy Thread.  Do it the WONG way!

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