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There was no question Mikame was a great craftsman of quality wood apparatus. We knew him personally and when he started producing again featured his products exclusively in the States. We would meet with him every few years in Japan. In many cases he made substantial improvements with resepect to their design. Unfortunately, Mikame (to my knowledge), never credited previous innovators and crafters of the pieces he replicated. In some cases such details may be disputable, or even difficult to determine. But in the majority of cases this was not the case and his legacy would of been stronger had he made some efforts to do so.

Mikame Craft of Japan. Try to Find the Gimmick. This is a beauty! Use it as a Card Box or a Drawer Card Box? Or a Double Drawer Box using cards! The drawer gimmick is invisible, only from Mikame Craft do you get such quality. Perform Switches, Changes, Transformations & Productions! You can use not only cards, but bills, coins & items that fit in the box! Furniture Quality Walnut Box! Well known Mikame-Craft collectors emblem on the interior bottom drawer. Comes with Japanese instructions that feature illustrations as well as a basic English summary. Very easy to do.

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