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From master craftsman Louie Gaynor comes Dream Box II (AKA Miser’s Dream Box II), which features the exceptionally strong wand tip that initiates the repulsion technology features for the 5 way out box.  The wand is “not” necessary for execution (as you may have other preferred methods), but it’s provided as a nice value added and makes the effect much easier to execute on the fly. Louie’s original Miser’s Dream Box originally manufactured in 2009, like this version are made in very small runs.   This version II., was last produced in 2013. Due to the painstaking process and immaculate attention to detail, this item isn’t something that will be consistently available and we apologize for any frustration this may cause.

The updated version This allows the the performer to utilize a maximum load of up to 4 US quarter coins (one for each  of the 4 loads), as well as a final load of 4 US half-dollar coins for the 5th and finale load.  Other smaller items can also be used most usually billets or predictions. But for the purposes of providing the maximum limitations we focus on quarters and half-dollar coins.

The performer opens the box showing it empty and dumps it over to prove it be empty and can even tilt it so that audience can confirm there is nothing inside. He closed the lid and makes a miser’s wish and upon re-opening it discovers a real quarter inside the box.  This can be repeated – up to three more times (allowing the magician to have produced a total of four quarters, or other coins of similar size).  As a finale, the box is closed once more whereupon the miser makes an even greater wish and sure enough upon opening the box a 5th time, the box now contains 4 US half-dollar coins!

Important points:  Each coin or billet, really does appear inside the box. There are no fake moves, slight-of-hand, coin manipulations of any type. If coins are used, they are real coins, that can be examined. As stated above other items and coins can possibly be used (as long as they are not larger than US quarters or US half-dollars).

As each box is hand made, Louie goes to great length to make sure that no two are exactly alike and as such each box features a unique design, and is stamped LUE, for authenticity.

Special Notes: Additional product images used with permission from Andy Martin’s – Martin’s Magic Website www.martinsmagic.com

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