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from Jon Saint Germain 


“Some books I read more or less at a sitting. Others, I have to read in distinct chunks–informational quanta. I must put the book down for a while, chew, ruminate, digest, and explore the possibilities of what I’ve just read. Books of Buddhism and physics will throw me into these ruminative fits. Books by Larry Baukin do the same thing. Dream Dweller was such a book. This isn’t a book of snappy cold reading lines or Tarot spreads. There are many of those, and most of them you can read at a sitting and grow no wiser. This is a book of concepts. These are ideas and principles that experienced psychic readers will think about, learn from, and build upon. You will have the power to enter the client’s Dream Dweller, speak to them in secret languages known only to them, touch upon the roots of their personal life experiences–this life, and past lives, if you wish. Man, how great to feel the excitement of discovering something new that gets the rusty old wheels turning again!”  John Riggs 

Stevens Magic and Stevens Publishing is proud to continue working with Larry Baukin, who previous works are still available and well worth consideration.  “Ritual recognizes the potency of disorder. In the disorder of the mind, in dreams, faints, and frenzies, ritual expects to find powers and truths which cannot be reached by conscious effort.”  – George P. Hansen, The Trickster and the Paranormal

What the hell is a dream dweller? And what in God’s name is dream telepathy? Fair questions. First, a little background. The manuscript you are about to read is divided into five chapters. Each is connected directly to the whole, resulting in a kind of integrated system. Nothing in the monograph is a rehashing of my earlier books or just another version of already overworked material and techniques floating around out there in the cold reading ethers.

The concept of the dream dweller will be tied in directly to the idea of a telepathic connection between the reader and the sitter (dream telepathy). This will be explained and demonstrated in chapter 2 of the present volume. It goes without saying that this connection or rapport will come about during a standard reading utilizing the divination tool of your choice, or perhaps during a dream interpretation, or even during a seemingly ordinary conversation. The techniques in this book will come across to your sitters as interesting, intriguing, entertaining, and sometimes even a bit eerie. – Larry Baukin

No question, when I get stumped Larry Baukin is my #1 go to source when it comes to readings. To me Larry is more than just a peer – he is a legend.  In reading Dream Dweller, I realized Larry is the walking definition of neural plasticity. This man continues to evolve pushing the boundaries of our field beyond. Incredible work.Neal Scryer

Dream Dweller is the latest book from Larry Baukin, who just might be the greatest cold reader in America.  The slim book’s subtitle is “A Treatise on the Mysterious Art of Dream Telephathy,” and the book as pertains to integrating dream interpretation into cold readings.   The idea may be original with Larry, though, most of his materials are based on little known research by others.  Larry offers applications for two classic divination systems – – palmistry and the tarot.  He then offers three sample readings that show how powerful the material  can be and how easily it can be included in your current reading system.     Larry’s material is some of the best out there and this is no exception.  – Jim Magus

This is an extremely unique book because it teaches you how to put an intriguing twist on doing readings. Don’t let the thinness of the book fool you because the contents teaches you how to classify sitters by them having either “thick” or “thin” personality traits. In turn this turn allows you to give uncannily accurate cold readings combined with dreams the sitter has had. And Yes, you are able to score valid hits about their actual dreams. Even think in terms of Dream Telepathy. Also don’t forget that doing short and to the point readings, adds extra spooky impact during Séance performances. You can use this technique with palmistry and even Tarot Cards. The latter has great potential if you want to do readings for a number of people at larger events such as Fund Raisers or Psychic Fairs. Actually the Tarot angle can offer a visual angle that could be used for one-to-one, online sittings during the current Pandemic. Dream Dwellers definitely fits nicely into the mold of works written by Richard Webster, Herb Dewey and the tag-team work of Sheila Lyons and Mark Sherman. – Lary Kuehn, TEB3, and Traveler

REVIEW: Dream Dweller, A Treatise on the Mysterious Art of Dream Telepathy – by Larry Baukin
In his new offering to the mystery workers’ community, Dream Dweller, A Treatise on the Mysterious Art of Dream Telepathy, Larry Baukin provides the reader a step-by-step approach to connecting with their sitter through the nebulous world of dreams. What could be more personal than our dreams? What would be more amazing than to have someone reveal a dream you’ve had? This is powerful mojo, and I agree with Larry that great care should be taken when presenting this type of information. As I read through the book, I kept thinking that this is the type of mystical knowledge a shaman would incorporate, or possibly someone well versed in Hoodoo. Larry has worked out a system based on two obscure works on the subject of dreams. The first one deals with identifying the two different personality types to look for and which one is more likely to be the ideal candidate for what Larry calls ‘dream telepathy’, the revelation of one of their dreams. Leaving no stone unturned, we are provided with some golden cold reading lines not only for the target group he focuses on, but also for the group that may not have, or remember their dreams. Not only could this be used as a stand-alone system on its own, Larry also shows how to incorporate these ideas into palmistry and tarot card readings. Once the personality type is identified, the author then makes use of the second source he unearthed that matches different dreams that are the most popular with certain age groups. While you can straightforwardly mention the dream you believe the sitter has had (which the sample readings illustrate), Larry mentions another way of presenting the information in a perfectly fail-safe manner. By describing the dream as one the reader has had recently and how it might apply to the them, the sitter can acknowledge they’ve had a similar dream which would be an amazing hit and greatly increase the rapport between them, and if not, the reader is still credited with receiving valuable information from some mysterious source that somehow relates to the sitter’s situation. If you dear reader would like to do this too, stop dreaming, and start dwelling!
Reviewed by Barry Wood

Cover Concept art by mentalist Scott St. Clair.

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