Dream Prediction Elite Version (Wallet) by Paul Romhany


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Product Description

You place an envelope containing a prediction in full view of your audience. A spectator can hold or place the prediction on a table. (The envelope containing the prediction has a clear window so the prediction can be seen in the envelope the ENTIRE TIME!)

Next, you ask your spectators to name ANYTHING! And this means ANYTHING. ( Lottery numbers, Names, Destinations, Dreams or anything that suits your presentation)

Upon opening the envelope the spectator reads the prediction out loud and EVERYTHING matches 100%. The prediction is given to the spectator to keep as a reminder of the moment you predicted their deepest thoughts…

  • 100% RELIABLE!
  • 100% ACCURACY!
  • DVD – Includes: Handling, Routines, In-Depth Ideas & Live Performances!

Additional Information:

  1. Comes with 10 envelopes – each envelope will last a very long time but this gives you more options regards adapting each presentation to suit your needs.
  2. The final prediction can be seen at the start of the routine – you can use anything from business cards, money, lottery tickets or paper inside the envelope – the final prediction is written on what is inside the envelope (it’s an extra piece inside the envelope).
  3. Can be done under all close-up conditions.
  4. Easy to do the handling is very easy giving performer room for presentation.
  5. Instant reset – sets up within seconds – actually once you put envelope back in wallet it’s reset.

Includes everything you need right out of the box!

*Gimmicked envelopes have been designed by Mark Parker & Paul Romhany & produced by Alan Wong.

What People are saying…

“DREAM PREDICTION ELITE is the realization of true amazement in your audiences reactions. This is PURE GOLD – A REAL WINNER”- Banachek

“This is the ONLY Confabulation set-up I use in close-up situations – the quality of the envelopes and the wallet is top notch. Highly recommended!!” – Keith Barry

“This is by far one of the strongest open prediction routines I have seen. I never leave home without DREAM PREDICTION ELITE. The best version of any confabulation style routine for walk-about or parlor performances.” – Neal Scryer

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