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IMPORTANT: Does NOT come with Instructions.  Uses the basic Paddle move.

A classic effect brought back from time – both in regards to its history as well as that it is also fabricated from English pewter from Brian Watson. Brian creates some of the finest magic made today. He is known world-wide for his amazing Cups and Balls. But his makes a wide assortement of other products such as Pewter Hot Rods, Mental Logs, Bewtiched Sticks and others. This is a very limited offer.

This beautifully decorated small pewter bar is shown which has a small well in the middle on one of the four sides of the bar. A steel ball is dropped into the small well and then the pewter bar is turned over, yet the ball dies NOT fall out. The performer shakes the pewter bar to no avail. Magically and amazingly the small stell ball remains in the well! How can this be? The spectators scream out “Magnets” upon which the magician hands everything out to the spector for full examination.

This is a fun and easy to perform walk-around trick. Ready at any time. Comes with a black leather carrying pouch a red bag and several balls with one different colored ball. Self contained. Easy to perform. As this is a classic effect – and being that there are only at this time a very small number of these available. We are offering them ONLY to those of you that already are familar with the working of the effect. They do NOT come with instructions. It’s just another appication of the paddle move. There are lot’s of different routines that can be accomplished. When they are sold there is a very good chance there will be no more.

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