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This is effect works by using an ambiguous figure of a duck or a rabbit in which the brain switches between seeing a rabbit or a duck. The duck-rabbit illusion as it would become known was ‘originally noted’ by American psychologist Joseph Jastrow (January 30, 1863 – January 8, 1944) in his work The mind’s eye. Popular Science Monthly, 54, 299-312 (1899). However the Jastrow cartoon was based on an illustration originally published in Harper’s Weekly (Nov.19, 1892, p.1114) which, in turn, was based on an earlier illustration published in Fliegende Blätter, a German humor magazine of the time (Oct.23, 1892, p.147).

Jastrow was also the psychologist that created the optical illusion that would become better known in the world of magic as the Bafflin’ Boomerangs which he original created in 1889. A wonderful version of the Bafflin’ Boomerangs can also be found here at Steven’s Magic Emporium.

This version of the Rabbit Duck Illusion was created in wood and finished with shellac at the workshop of Dr. Paul and Bill Montana and was specially designed to fit in your shirt pocket and can be used close up or in walk around presentations.

  • Fits in a shirt pocket.
  • Perfect for walk around.
  • Made to last for a life time of use.
  • Comes with two routines and additional historical information about this wonderful illusion.
  • Produced in wood for the first time ever.
  • Limited production Run.

Each comes with signed and numbered Instructions. Once this limited edition is sold out it will not be made again.

This limited wood version is only available through Stevens Magic Emporium.

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