Duet by Jack Kent Tillar – Book – Estate

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The EASY way to entertaining two-person mind reading. With an introduction by Francis Willard.

No tedious codes or painful memory work!
No electronics or impression devices!
No apparatus or equipment required!
No stooges or hidden assistants!
Everything from impromptu parlor routines to full evening stage second sight acts and classic thought reading routines!
This is your passport to enjoy the wonderment of the two-person mind-reading world. Includes the complete acts:
“Fantasy Impromptu”
“That’s Impossible”
… and much, much more!
Over thirty effects, routines, and acts, plus sixty years of wisdom and grease paint!

“…another great magic mind!”
– Teller

“It’s no wonder you have such a sterling reputation.”
– Ken Weber, author of Maximum Entertainment

“DUET is amazing. With the one book, a couple can have a career for the rest of their lives.”
– Banachek

“The great strength of Jack Tillar’s writings, unlike so many of today’s innovators, is that he gives you a great variety of styles and presentations so you can fit any performing venue or audience.”
– Leo Behnke

Pages 156 – Softbound

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