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IMPORTANT: This is a physical product, the instructions can be immediately available post-purchase via download when you look at your e-mail receipt for the order.  If you scroll down a bit you will see Dvinary Cards – Instructional Download. To the right you can click on the link and download the instructions. There is also a code inside the physical product that provides you with a link to this information as well.

Dvinary Cards are very specially marked for binary tricks. The cards are plain white on both sides and yet are very cleverly marked. These business card sized double blank cards are marked for both visual identification and touch identification. What you get – A set of 72 double blank business cards. So you can make 3 sets of 8 cards, 1 set of 16 cards and 1 set of 32 cards. Regular business card size of approx 3.5″x2″. All packed in a sturdy plastic transparent box.

A special feature is that all the 72 cards are reusable. Whether you use a dry erase sharpie, wet erase sharpie or a permanent marker to write on the cards, you can always erase the writing if you happen to make a mistake. Not only that, after sometime, you can erase the writing on an entire set of cards for a completely new routine. So your investment is protected for a long time. No need to buy frequent replacements/refills.

Included is a link with a password that will provide you access to 5 absolutely amazing routines to get you started right out of the box. The 5 routines are as follows.

1. SACRAMENTUM – The performer impossibly reveals the secret thoughts of 3 different participants.

2. MISTERIO – Three different participants have 3 different questions in their minds. Only the respective participants know their specific questions. In a thrilling demonstration of telepathy, the performer reads all their minds and gives out the exact answers to each of the questions in their minds.

3. GEHEIMNIS – Each one of 3 participants will be merely thinking of the first name of a loved one, a color and a chosen personality trait. The performer reads all these thoughts accurately to the utter dismay of the participants and the audience.

4. SHINPI – This can be played as a real fun routine. 3 male participants are all either thinking of their wife, girlfriend, some actress or even a total stranger etc. The performer can actually play with their wife, girlfriend, lover etc (I mean with those thoughts, what did you think, eh?) elicit a lot of laughs before accurately reading their thoughts.

5. RAHASYA – 3 participants are each thinking of a completely different 4 digit number. The performer not only reveals each of their individual thoughts exactly but also has been able to divine the total of those 3 numbers.

But after learning these incredible routines, you will easily come up with your own ideas of different routines. Your imagination is truly the only limit.

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