Dye Tube Method – Al Baker Complete Kit


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An internationally famous routine copyrighted in 1948! The PERFECT gimmick—Baker’s method is a routine for all occasions! A sheet of paper, freely shown, is rolled into a cylinder. Two white silks are tucked into the cylinder and a third is tied around it. A spectator is given a wand and the cylinder containing the silks. As the wand is pushed through the cylinder, the silks emerge DYED IN DIFFERENT COLORS!

Everything may be examined. A beautiful routine of magic that pleases all types of audiences. This is magic that can be done to music or as is—an audience pleaser for sure! Excellent for stand up, stage or parlor. Comes complete with the secret, photographed instructions in a 40+ page booklet showing over 30 different routines as well as five silks and the special paper.

As the great BUMA always said, “Don’t ask me for what is NEW… Ask me what was great years ago!”

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