Dye Tube (Simplex 18-inch) Viking


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The Dye Tube is an indispensable utility prop for the silk worker. With this specially produced metal tube you are able to perform visual color changes all the while showing your hands empty. With this professional prop you will be a able to do a double and even a triple color change.

Large-for 18″  Uses ordinary silk hanks, not supplied but available at Stevens Magic.

Also see: Dye Tube-12″


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1 review for Dye Tube (Simplex 18-inch) Viking

  1. dave3 (verified owner)

    This is well made and perfect for a teenager. I’m an adult with slender fingers, and I find the opening diameter of the tube to be too small. I can only get the tip of my index and second fingers into the tube, so it’s impossible to tuck a silk into the tube smoothly. I can’t use this.
    ( Using the third or fourth fingers works little better, but it looks unnatural. Not a recommended work around)
    I’ve used several dye tubes over the years. I’ve found the General Grant and Johnson tubes to be the best. Oh well, It’s not like I haven’t wasted money on magic before.

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