Eccentricks, Volume 1 (Frye) – DVD

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Now on DVD, the original ECCENTRICKS, teaching numerous offbeat sleight-of-hand routines and juggling stunts from Charlie Frye. Many of the tricks on the DVD have been featured in my Eccentricks columns in JUGGLE and MAGIC magazines. Now you can see them in action and take advantage of the best learning tool available for mastering material of this nature.

If you’re a sleight of hand aficionado or aspire to immerse yourself into this fascinating blend of magic and skill, then you’ll find lots of fun moves and routines to add to your repertoire including:

comedic versions of the MULTIPLYING BILLIARD BALLS, and CUPS & BALLS.

An eccentric SPOON BENDING routine introducing many of my favorite sight gags such as the VANISHING NAIL FILE.

JUGGLING GAGS that require no skill whatsoever, and a host of more challenging stunts such as DICE STACKING and COIN MANIPULATION.

Also included: THE CARD GRAB featuring the amazing MIDAIR PASS.

Whether you’re an experienced entertainer or a dedicated enthusiast, the fun and challenging material presented in ECCENTRICKS will have your audiences laughing and applauding all at once.


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