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If you want all eyes in the house locked onto you the performer – trust me – this will do it! 

One of the most amazing effects people of all ages love to see! I perform locally with “PAX” who finishes his set with this very effect. I assure you all eyes are on him when he takes an inflated animal balloon and literally, well—eats it! He has a great kicker! After he eats the balloon, he palms a squeaker and pushes it on his stomach—and an audible “Squeak-Squeak” results in a huge burst of laughter after the absolute disbelief of what they just saw.

This product comes with the special gimmick for “eating” inflated balloons. It’s a classic effect with a new gimmick. The benefit of the new gimmick is that you can perform this effort with very little effort—almost automatic! There is no concern about speed or keeping up with the pace as in past versions, as with this gimmick it’s always constant. The gimmick is reusable, yet it comes with several extra gimmick pieces. Comes with one balloon, but you can prepare more with other animal balloons because you get several additional gimmicks.


  • Special gimmicks for “eating” inflated balloons – which is re-usable.
  • Classic old effect – New gimmick!
  • This Gimmik allows you to ”swallow a balloon” without putting forth any effort.
  • “Eating the balloon” is almost automatic.
  • Item comes with printed instructions

“When I came up with PGBalloon, the device for the appearance of an inflated balloon from the mouth, firstly it was necessary to eat the inflated balloon. Initially, I thought it would be easy to do. I tried a lot of ways but I did not like any of them because none worked with a 100% stability. So, I invented this gimmick.” – Viktor Voitko

Disclaimer: The term “edible” is used to convey what the spectators see, and in no way reflects (obviously, but just in case) that this balloon is truly edible.  This product also goes under the name: balloon swallowing.

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