Edward Marlo Riffle Shuffle Trilogy and Personal Correspondence


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At the time, the Marlo Riffle Shuffle Trilogy was hard to get and hard to find for the serious card worker. First, you could only purchase the self-published Trilogy direct from Ed Marlo. Secondly, you had to know someone that had Marlo’s personal home address to request to purchase the Trilogy. In 1959, he wrote RIFFLE SHUFFLE SYSTEMS. In 1964, he wrote THE PATENTED SHUFFLE. And finally in 1967, he wrote RIFFLE SHUFFLE FINALE to complete the Trilogy. We are selling the complete Trilogy and personal correspondence from Ed Marlo:

  • Undated pricelist and hand written note from Ed Marlo on how to purchase the Trilogy.
  • Handwritten letter from Ed Marlo confirming the purchase of Riffle Shuffle Systems dated September 24, 1976.
  • RIFFLE SHUFFLE SYSTEMS* Edition #132 signed and dated by Ed Marlo, October 4, 1976. At the time of this purchase, only 131 editions had been sold in 17 years or about 7 copies a year.
  • THE PATENTED SHUFFLE* Edition #119 signed and dated by Ed Marlo, April 10, 1978. At the time of this purchase, only 119 editions had been sold in 14 years or about 8 copies a year. Note: The Patented Shuffle has an orange cardboard cover instead of the usual simulated leather cover. Ed Marlo wrote the simulated leather covers were out of stock and he would send one shortly. He never did…
  • A cancelled check endorsed by Ed Marlo for the purchase of The Patented Shuffle dated April 4, 1976.
  • RIFFLE SHUFFLE FINALE –republished eBook of Marlo’s Riffle Shuffle Finale sold by Jon Racherbaumer, 2008.

Note: Original manuscripts signed and dated by Ed Marlo

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