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How long has it been since you have added a REALLY FUNNY ROUTINE to your act?  See optional Fez Hat, for only $7.50 below. Note; You do NOT have to have a gimmicked hat for this effect, just a hat that is deep.  The Fez works well, and if you want to purchase both the effect and the hat see below. 

A great comedy prop for children’s shows. Magician invites a spectator up to help and places a magic hat on his head. Next an egg is cracked into a clear bowl and stirred. The magician then asks if anyone is thirsty, gesturing to the audience if they would like a drink of raw egg! The magician picks up an aluminum tumbler and pours the contents of the egg into it. Then he takes the hat off the boy and turns it up, grabs the tumbler (that now has the egg), and long pours it straight into the hat! You can actually see the egg going into the hat. The magician looks inside the hat and makes a huge grimace. Of course, he gestures toward the spectator trying to put the hat back on his head – but the spectator will have none of it. Magician walks into the audience asking if anyone else would like to wear the magic hat – all squirm away from the magician. Finally the magician wonders what all the fuss is about and shows the hat completely void and dry and puts it on his own head proving it is a magical hat!

  • This trick is practically self working.
  • The handling is natural and easy to do.
  • The precision made gaff is undetectable and cleans up easily and will last a lifetime!
  • The cup will not tarnish or rust.
  • The performer may present this without a helper.
  • The hat may be borrowed.  The hat is non-gimmicked
  • Allows for many other creative routines with other liquid items, not just eggs.
  • You will LOVE this routine!
  • This is just one sample routine idea.

Note: This prop does “not” come with a hat, only the professional high-quality gimmick manufactured in Japan.  You can but the fez in the photo for $7.50

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